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Hot off the Press! It's here now.  Great Danes,  Big Brother Hugo and Little Sister ZuZu!

Author of Great Dane Award Winning Originals


Great Danes - Hugo and Zuzu



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Nonfiction book for animal lovers!

A book to read, relate to, talk and journal about. Hugs and laughs and real feelings about the book are found in sharing this story.

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Our story is here and ready to read for your inspiration!!!

Great Danes, Big Brother Hugo and Little Sister ZuZu is a book that tells a full story with full color photos and paintings on glossy paper for a keepsake or coffee table conversation starter. 


  • Animal lovers will cherish the book.  Children will relate to the book and talk about it.  Teachers will be able to begin many  writing assignments and conversations with each chapter.  Schedule a time to have the book read to your class. 
  • Got the book. Absolutely loved it. Well written. Mad me cry in Hugo's passing. You are truly blessed with your family of pets and humans.  Thank you for sharing. Chris B
  • I received my copy of your book today. It is a lovely story of friendship and loyalty. i can't wait to share it with 2 of our great grandchildren tomorrow.  Jane L
  • What a sweet story, Marlene, full of love and family.  Nicely organized and beautifully illustrated.  And thank you for the speedy shipping. Terry S. M. 
  • Yes, I loved every page of it. Lisa K. 
  • I loved your book.  It was so sweet. Donna B.
  • I read you book tonight. I loved and all the pictures.  You are so talented. Sue F. 
  • A wonderful story. Suzanne R.
  • Loved the book and the pictures too. Amanda. P.
  • I just read your book.  You did an outstanding job.  All the pictures were great too.  Sandra. G. (librarian)
  • I love your book. Thank you for writing and publishing Great Danes, Big Brother Hugo and Little Sister ZuZu.  I especially like chapter 13 and the life lessons it teaches. Every school should have one. We need a sweet message amid the news today.  Maxine D.
  • I finished your book last night and you  did a great job.  It's a great project reading book for kids to learn how to care for animals.  You did an outstanding job. Carol Y. 
  • A lovely book.  Sarah S.
  • I received your book and I love it!! The book is obviously a labor of love and is done very well. I would recommend your book to anyone. It is peaceful in a troubled world. Leigh B.  an attorney 

Live Readings are available with dogs.

Kody or Joey are available for visits with the reading of the book if invited.  

Copies of paintings in book are available.

If you like a particular painting, there are copies of the paintings available upon request for a price. 

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When will the book be available?

   It is available now for your pleasure. 

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